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Looking to make some changes?

Whether you are looking to extend, repair or renovate your home, an AvantCredit loan could help.

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An AvantCredit loan is an unsecured, personal loan. It can be an ideal source of funds to use for your home improvement project since it requires no security or guarantor and is not dependent on the value of your home. This kind of loan gives you the flexibility to use it as you’d like.


How can I use a home improvement loan?

You can apply for as little or as much as you need and use the money to invest in your home as you see fit. You can use your home improvement loan to:


Turn your spare room into an office.

Add an extension like an loft, basement or conservatory.


Update your kitchen with new appliances and fixtures.

Install safety features like a home alarm or CCTV.


Fix your broken appliances, boilers and/or plumbing.

Replace old shutters and windows.

How is this different from a home equity loan?

An AvantCredit loan is based on an individual’s financial circumstances, which includes evaluating a customer’s regular income and expenditure as well as their credit history. The AvantCredit loan is not linked to the value of your home. A loan from AvantCredit:

Has a fixed interest rate

Has no unexpected fees

Isn’t secured against your home

Check your rate and see how AvantCredit can help you with your home improvement project.

Customise Your Loan

We give you the flexibility to personalise your loan and choose the best option for your needs.

12 month

payment plan

24 month

payment plan

36 month

payment plan

48 month

payment plan

60 month

payment plan

72 month

payment plan

The actual term that a customer qualifies for may vary based on credit determination and other factors.

Clear options and no surprises.

Consistent monthly payments

Fixed APRs from 11.8% to 49.8%

Deposit funds into your bank account

Funds as soon as next business day ‡

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It's quick and won't impact your credit score.